Golden Globes
Have fun during the Golden Globes with this drinking game. Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh are featured in a promotional photograph. NBC

The Golden Globes are here, and anything could happen during one of the most unpredictable awards shows in history.

Since the Golden Globes are a little more relaxed (and see celebs guzzling away throughout the night), the best way to honor the awards is with a drinking game of your very own.

Check out our suggestions for a memorable and fun drinking game that is sure to make Golden Globes night your most fun one yet.

Take A Sip:

  • When one of Andy Samberg or Sandra Oh’s jokes doesn’t quite land.
  • If you correctly guess a winner.
  • If Samberg or Oh makes a joke where the punchline is a nominee. If the joke somehow also includes President Trump, take two sips.
  • When someone’s name is mispronounced (unless it’s as badly as John Travolta’s infamous “Adele Dazeem” moment from 2015, which is a full chug).
  • When someone tears up.
  • For every joke about Donald Trump, his family or his Cabinet. It doesn’t matter if it’s about his policies, politics or general behavior.

Take A Shot:

  • *If the Time’s Up or Me Too movements are mentioned.
  • When a nominee’s face betrays how they really feel about losing.
  • For every joke about how long the show runs.
  • When a presenter cannot read the teleprompter and needs help doing so.

Finish Your Drink:

  • If a winner mentions their childhood in their acceptance speech.
  • When a winner claims they didn’t have a speech prepared.
  • When a winner’s speech is cut off by Orchestra music.
  • When a speech is used for a cause.

Chug It Down:

  • See above rule about mispronounced names.
  • When someone manages to pull a surprise win out of nowhere.

Please remember to drink responsibly (if you’re 21 or older). If younger than 21, drink that soda or water responsibly.