The Golden Globes are here, and anything could happen during one of the most unpredictable awards shows in history.

Since the Golden Globes are a little more relaxed (and see celebs guzzling away throughout the night), the best way to honor the awards is with a drinking game of your very own.

Check out our suggestions for a memorable and fun drinking game that is sure to make Golden Globes night your most fun one yet.

Golden Globes
Have fun during the Golden Globes with this drinking game. Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh are featured in a promotional photograph. NBC

Take A Sip:

  • When one of Andy Samberg or Sandra Oh’s jokes doesn’t quite land.
  • If you correctly guess a winner.
  • If Samberg or Oh makes a joke where the punchline is a nominee. If the joke somehow also includes President Trump, take two sips.
  • When someone’s name is mispronounced (unless it’s as badly as John Travolta’s infamous “Adele Dazeem” moment from 2015, which is a full chug).
  • When someone tears up.
  • For every joke about Donald Trump, his family or his Cabinet. It doesn’t matter if it’s about his policies, politics or general behavior.

Take A Shot:

  • *If the Time’s Up or Me Too movements are mentioned.
  • When a nominee’s face betrays how they really feel about losing.
  • For every joke about how long the show runs.
  • When a presenter cannot read the teleprompter and needs help doing so.

Finish Your Drink:

  • If a winner mentions their childhood in their acceptance speech.
  • When a winner claims they didn’t have a speech prepared.
  • When a winner’s speech is cut off by Orchestra music.
  • When a speech is used for a cause.

Chug It Down:

  • See above rule about mispronounced names.
  • When someone manages to pull a surprise win out of nowhere.

Please remember to drink responsibly (if you’re 21 or older). If younger than 21, drink that soda or water responsibly.