Google launched its new messaging app, Allo, late last night, and its unique name — which means "other" or “different” by the way — truly captures what it has to offer. Touted as a “smart” messaging app, Google Allo comes with advanced features designed to make texting and chatting extra-fun and more secure.

According to Google’s official blog, Allo makes replying to conversations easier and faster with its Smart Reply feature. What this does is, it recalls the typical responses of the user and presents the applicable ones as reply options to a message or a photo. This way, all the user has to do is to tap the response he or she favors. Google promises that Smart Reply also adjusts to the user’s style and improves through time. 

Google Allo also has a feature that can protect the privacy of the user, Incognito mode. Much like how it works on computer and mobile devices, Incognito mode also prevents Allo from saving history, files and other activities done while the mode is still on. To make this mode possible in a messaging app, Google introduced end-to-end encryption, discreet notification and message expiration into Allo. 

Living up to its title of being a smart messaging app, Google Allo comes with its very own artificial intelligence assistant just like Siri. The text-only virtual assistant of Allo is simply called Google Assistant, and it follows instructions and commands even when the user is engrossed in texting. Though the Google Assistant featured in the app is a preview edition, it is enough to take down addresses, share YouTube videos and even look for a restaurant nearby. 

To make the user experience even more special, Google has loaded custom sticker packs, emojis and photos to the app, so users can choose from the generous selections and even modify them to a certain extent before sending to the receiver. 

GSM Arena has learned that just like Google Duo, Google Allo also retrieves its contacts list from the phone number of the user. It even notifies the user if he or she knows of someone who is also using Allo from the registers contacts on the phone. 

Initially announced at Google I/O in May, Apple Insider has likened Google Allo to its major rivals, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Apple’s iMessage.. The Apple-centric website also pointed out that Allo has support for both Android and iOS devices, so users can interact even when using different platforms.