It's official. Google is coming out with a new phone, and if reports are right, this one may not be released under the Nexus brand.

On Monday, the company launched a teaser website and released a video via its YouTube channel. Both of them invite people to an event on Oct. 4 and feature a Google search bar that slowly morphs into a smartphone-shaped outline.

According to a report by Android Police earlier this month, which cited a "reliable source," the Alphabet-owned company is planning to launch two Pixel brand phones — Pixel and Pixel XL — during the event.

Leaked images of the Pixel phones, also obtained by Android Police, show two versions — a 5-inch Pixel, and a 5.5-inch Pixel XL. The 5-inch phone is rumored to cost $649, while the bigger device is expected to have a significantly higher price tag.

The Pixel smartphones are also likely to include several Android features exclusive to Google. However, the exact specs these new Google-branded devices will feature is still unclear.

In addition, the Oct. 4 event is also likely to feature the release of Google Home — a voice-controlled "smart home" hub that would allow the company to compete with Amazon Echo; Daydream VR — Google's answer to the Samsung Gear VR; and a Chromecast capable of 4K playback, which, according to a source cited by Android Police, will be called either Chromecast Plus or Chromecast Ultra.

And what happens to the Nexus line of phones, you ask?

A recent report by Android Central confirms that Google is, in fact, dropping the Nexus name for its Android smartphones, ending a series that began with Nexus One in 2009. And according to a Reuters report earlier this month, the company has also "suspended" Project Ara — its plan to build a modular smartphone with interchangeable components.