• Google applies for a license to work with Huawei
  • Google wants to provide its services to the Chinese tech company
  • Currently, Huawei ships its devices with its own operating system

The U.S. government placed a ban on the Chinese tech giant Huawei in mid-May 2019. As a result, companies like Google and Microsoft were no longer allowed to deliver services to Huawei.

Now, Google has, reportedly, applied for a license with the U.S. government, seeking permission to start collaborating with Huawei.

In an interview with DPA (Deutsche Presse-Agentur), Sameer Samat, Android and Google Play Vice President, said that Google has put in an application for a license to resume working with Huawei. However, Samat could not mention details on when a decision on the license application would be taken.

If the U.S. government clears the license, the future Huawei devices would come with Google services out of the box. In November 2019, Microsoft bagged a license to export its software to Huawei. After this decision, Huawei could ship its notebooks with Windows.

Interestingly, this latest development comes after Google warned people from preloading or sideloading its apps and services on new Huawei devices.

Google said in a post on its Android Help page that it receives numerous questions on whether Google apps and services can be used on Huawei devices launched after May 16, 2019.

“To protect user data privacy, security, and safeguard the overall experience, the Google Play Store, Google Play Protect, and Google’s core apps (including Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and others) are only available on Play Protect certified devices,” the statement said.

“Because of the government restrictions described above, new Huawei device models made available to the public after May 16, 2019, have not been able to go through this security process nor will they have Play Protect preloaded. As a result, they are considered “uncertified,” and will not be able to utilize Google’s apps and services.”

The post also mentioned that sideloaded Google apps remain unreliable as the company does not allow the official services to function on “uncertified devices where security may be compromised.”

Now, it has to be seen if the U.S. government will grant a license to Google. Currently, Huawei uses its own Huawei Mobile Services to provide various apps.

Washington has long considered Huawei a possible security danger
Washington has long considered Huawei a possible national security danger. AFP / DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS