• Google recently released a support article to shed more light about the issue with Huawei
  • Google also warns about Android apps sideloading on uncertified Android devices
  • The search engine giant also introduced a new warning encouraging users to use Chrome extensions on Google Chrome and not on Microsoft Edge

Search engine giant Google recently issued warnings to users. Google warns about users on the issue of sideloading Android apps on uncertified Huawei devices. The company also advises users of installing Chrome extensions on the new Microsoft Edge browser.

Android Apps And Huawei Devices

On Friday, the search engine giant released an article intended to shed light on the situation of the company with the Chinese tech giant Huawei. The issue with Huawei started on May 16, 2019, when the US government released a ban for the use of US products and components on its devices. Based on the statement, Google advises users not to sideload Google services and apps because of the high risk that installing an app could compromise security.

The support article also outlined how users could check whether the Android device they are using is Google Play Protect certified. To make sure that the device is certified, Google suggested to open the Google Play Store app on the Android device, click the Menu and then Settings. Certified devices come with Play Protection certification, added the support article.

Google is said to be considering licensing deals with news media groups, which would be a shift in strategy for the internet giant
Google is said to be considering licensing deals with news media groups, which would be a shift in strategy for the internet giant AFP / ALAIN JOCARD

Chrome Extensions on Microsoft Edge Browser

Aside from Android apps sideloading on uncertified Android devices, Google separately warned users about using Chrome extensions o the Microsoft Edge browser. It can be recalled that the Redmond-based tech giant recently rolled out the new Edge browser. This marks the end of the era for the EdgeHTML.

The new Microsoft Edge utilizes a chromium base similar to that of Google Chrome. In other words, it is also capable of running a lot of Chrome extensions on its browser. While it is possible, running Chrome extensions on Edge could be a little awkward.

It appears that Google has introduced a warning for Microsoft Edge users that they should use the Chrome and not the Edge. The search engine giant seemingly integrated a new banner to the Chrome Web Store. This banner senses whenever a user installs extensions to Microsoft Edge. Although there is nothing grave about the warning, Google gives a rationale for users who want to use the extensions more securely, should use the extensions with Chrome instead of Edge.