The search engine giant is now matching the amount Apple is paying to researchers $1 million if they could hack the Google Pixel. Moreover, the tech giant is offering a staggering amount of $1.5 million for the lucky researcher(s) who can discover an exploit that enables remote control of its handsets. The program is launched at a time when tech giants are racing with government and private marketplaces providing a significant return for distinct hacks.

A few days ago, Google announced that it is offering $1 million for any researcher who can show a unique hack on Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 4 smartphones. Researchers and hackers are required, however, to show persistent access to Google Pixel devices. For the $1 million bounties, hackers must break the secure element of the Titan M of the search engine giant, which is similar to Apple iPhone’s Secure Element.

Pixel face unlock

The Titan M is Google’s security chip that serves as a guardian of Google Pixel devices’ data. This chip is on the lookout for hackers attempting to install malware whenever an Android device is switched on. It also secures the passwords users use on apps.

The search engine giant also offers up to $1.5 million for exploits discovered on the developer preview versions of Android. Successful hack for those versions will get an additional 50 percent bonus. Apple also announced something like this in August.

Because Google just released Android Q, we would be releasing this on several developer previews builds for the upcoming version of Android, explained Android Security Team member Jessica Lin. While the program goes live today, Google will only give the bigger bounty for research revealed starting Nov. 21 onwards. Interested hackers and security researchers can learn more about the mechanics of the latest Android Security Rewards Program on the company’s official page.

Tech giants all over the world are currently offering bigger payouts to security researchers and hackers who can help them enhance the security of their products by discovering their vulnerabilities and exploiting them. The search engine giant claimed that it had given $ 1.5 million to researchers in the past 12 months. The bigger portion is reportedly awarded to the hacker who as able to create the one-click hack for Google Pixel 3.