Google Pixel 4 is one of the outstanding smartphones released in 2019. It is loaded with impressive next-generation features that distinguished it from other competing brands. But, some users are not aware that Pixel 4 has a secret brightness mode that they can enable.

Unknown to many, Google Pixel 4 has a hidden brightness mode that, when activated, allows users to navigate their device even in direct sunlight more easily. If you have used Google’s latest flagship smartphone, you probably noticed that it is hard to view the screen under direct sunlight because the display could not get bright enough. Pixel smartphones have always suffered from this kind of problem; fortunately, Google has now solved this in Pixel 4.

The secret brightness setting of Google Pixel 4 enables users to increase the peak luminescence of the display between 450 nits and 610 nits when playing video content in HDR. XDA Developers has uncovered that the smartphone can actually reach brightness level this high when it is activated manually through root access. To achieve this, users simply need to root the Pixel 4 and enter this command:


echo on >> /sys/class/backlight/panel0-backlight/hbm_mode

After activating High Brightness Mode, it is recommended to reset the Pixel 4’s Adaptive Brightness. To do this, go to the Settings app, look for Apps & Notifications, tap All apps, Device health Services, Storage & cache, then clear storage. It is important to note that Adaptive brightness utilizes machine learning to identify brightness changing habits, and with the activation of High Brightness Mode, the device’s brightness changing habits will certainly adjust.

The secret high brightness mode in Google Pixel 4 will only activate when the screen has reached its maximum brightness level. It is worth noting, however, that since it brightens the display, it will affect the battery life draining it faster than the usual. Google Pixel 4 has decent HDR viewing and fairly accurate colors, making it a standard smartphone display. But, when compared to Apple’s iPhone 11 and Samsung’s Galaxy S10 in terms of max brightness, the Google Pixel 4 is lagging behind.

This hidden brightness setting in Google Pixel 4 could be exactly what the search engine giant needs to be at pace with competitors in terms of beautiful glowing displays. For users wondering if it is safe to turn the secret brightness level on, XDA Developers said that there is nothing to worry about since High Brightness Mode only activates when the Pixel 4 screen is at its maximum UI brightness levels.