Amazon was the first to introduce a voice-powered assistant housed in a speaker, but Google wasn’t far behind with Google Home. Now the search giant is giving its device the ability to buy products with nothing more than a voice command, just like Amazon.

For Google, the aim is to make it easy to order everyday products from its Google Home speaker in an effort to engrain the device into people’s daily routines—and take aim at one of the defining features of Amazon devices like the Echo and Dot, powered by the company’s Alexa voice assistant.

Google Home purchases will be available through retailers participating in Google Express, the company’s same-day and overnight delivery shopping service—though some areas will only have two- or three-day shipping options available to them.

Google currently counts companies like Costco, Whole Foods Market, Walgreens, PetSmart and Bed Bath and Beyond as partners and has more than 50 other national and locally retailers on board.

Typically, Google Express requires a membership fee of $95 per year or $10 per month—or a delivery fee of $4.99 without a membership—but the company is waiving those fees for the time being. There will be no membership required and no membership fee for purchases made via Google Home through April 30.

The feature will be available only through Google Assistant on Google Home speakers; while the assistant is present on other Google devices like the Pixel smartphone, the ability to buy items with voice commands—and the fee-free delivery—are not available.

How To Buy Stuff Through Google Home

To start making purchases via Google Home, you’ll have to open up the Google Home app on your smartphone. Open the “More settings” menu and scroll down to the “Payments” menu. From there, enter your credit card information and delivery address. This will become the default information for any purchase you make via Google Home.

You can place orders by either telling Google what you need or asking for it’s help. Say “Ok Google, order paper towels” for the speaker to place an order on Google Express. If you aren’t sure how to make an order, say “Ok Google, how do I shop?” and the speaker will walk you through the process.