Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo 기태 김/Flickr

Just a couple years ago, the idea of asking questions to a voice -controlled speaker would seem completely foreign. Now there are multiple devices to choose from, with more on the way. That competition begs the question: which AI speaker can answer more questions: Google Home or Amazon Echo?

Luckily, you won’t have to sit down with both the devices to find out the answer to that question. Digital marketing and research company Stone Temple Consulting put the speakers head-to-head and quizzed them each on a number of questions to see who came out on top. So who won the battle of Amazon Echo vs. Google home?

The firm posed a total of 5,000 questions to each device, and discovered Google Home came out on top.

It is perhaps unsurprising that the speaker made by the company behind the world’s most queried search engine would be good at answering questions, but Google Home and its Google Assistant AI really blew away Amazon and Alexa at this particular test of trivia.

Google Home was able to answer about 3,400 of the questions, while Amazon managed a response to just more than 1,000 of the questions asked of it. Google was able to respond to more than 3 times as many questions as Amazon.

It is worth noting that while Google tackled many more questions, its success rate was very similar to Amazon’s in terms of the number of correct responses given. Google was right 89.5 percent of the time, while Amazon was right about 87 percent of the time.

However, Amazon had a much higher rate of answering questions in a flat out wrong way. It provided an incorrect response on over five percent of all the questions it answered, while Google was wrong under two percent of the time.

Stone Temple Consulting chalked up the Google Home’s success to its ability to tap third-party sources for answers. The report says 2,228 of Google’s answers came from third-party results, according to just 556 of Amazon’s answers coming from third-party websites—including a vast majority, 527 answers, that came from Wikipedia.

Of course, answering questions is just a small part of what people count on AI-powered speakers to do. Stone Temple Consulting noted its test did not speak at all to the abilities of the speakers when it comes to home entertainment, personal assistant or smart home controller purposes.

However if you have an inquiring mind and just need to know the answer, it looks like the Google Home is the speaker for you.