Looks like Google has found a way to make the user experience of its Maps app for Android more seamless. The navigation tool reportedly has a new user interface that does not impede the functionality of the app when users access its settings. 

According to 9To5Google, the latest update of Google Maps, version 9.42.3, comes with a few tweaks for the navigation UI, such that users will not have to look at the screen longer while using it. Previously, the app’s navigation interface was a tad counterproductive because accessing any settings would cover up the directions. This is seen as something that puts drivers at risks given that they need to use the app with full attention while driving around. 

With the new Google Maps update, the Android app now has a “more” button instead of “options.” Tapping this new button would simply bring up a short menu for several options. The options do not cover up the entire navigation interface, but they conveniently give users quick access to searching along the route, finding alternate routes and even finding a list of directions. 

Another obvious tweak is found in the “ETA bar” which now acts as the “more” button. Then, instead of having an “x” as the button to click when exiting the navigation display, users will now find the word “exit” in the app. This may seem a very minimal change, but it is notably helpful for first-time users. 

The modifications in the navigation UI were first observed by Android Police’s Andy Oka last weekend. According to Oka, he noticed the changes after updating his Google Maps app on his Pixel XL phone. He discovered that the UI tweak is a server-side change, so he is advising users to see if such changes would show up by deleting the Maps’ app data on their phones and checking if the updated version is available for them to install.