Google Maps for Android update version 9.41.0 is coming soon, but the beta version of the app update has already arrived today. Thus, ahead of the official update’s release, some of the upcoming features have already been leaked to the online community.

The unofficial changelog for the beta version that Android Police made mentions three new features that are very likely to come with the Google Maps update. The first  one refers to the option that will set the app to start in satellite mode by default. A new toggle for this feature has been added into the Settings menu. Hence, users who prefer to see a satellite view when the app is launched will surely like this feature.

The second new feature is the addition of the “on these lists” section for select restaurants. Android Police explains that this just means that there will not be links to articles about top-listed food businesses. The section provides links to online publications that have featured the restaurant one is viewing via an information card. Clicking on a link will launch the web browser for the user to read why the restaurant was featured in the list.

Then, the third new feature is not really a feature but an upgrade on the Add Stop screen. The upgrade polishes the look for the screen where one can add stops along a route. The screen has reportedly been redesigned with bigger buttons and colorful visual cues, as per PhoneArena.

Aside from the three new features, certain codes have also been uncovered from APK of the beta update of Google Maps. By the looks of things, there official update could launch with hotel deals that will specifically mention the reduced price based on a specific deal. The hotel deals feature is not live in the beta version, but knowing that there’s already codes for it in the update strongly suggests that the feature could launch with the official version 9.41.0 update.

The new update is expected to hit the Play Store in a few days, but users who cannot wait for it before experiencing the new features can resort to downloading the APK file of the beta version here.