Google Search App Update
Google on Tuesday updated its search app with new features including an upcoming dashboard. DIPTENDU DUTTA/AFP/Getty Images

Google tweaked its search app Tuesday, changing the look of the feed and adding an “upcoming” dashboard. The app already has cards that have constantly updated information about user specific interests and activities. But the new Google update should make the app even more organized as it divides the cards into two categories — current and upcoming.

The current cards dashboard will keep users updated on recent information about their interests while the upcoming dashboard, which will appear on top of the feed, will show upcoming user-related information such as flight timings. The “upcoming” dashboard will be synced to your Gmail account and will dig out useful information, which it will show in your Google feed. There will also be buttons at the bottom of the feed for quick access to both dashboards.

You can now update your feed by clicking on “customize” in the Google app settings menu. The company claims that continued usage of the Search app will make it more relevant and suited according to users' needs.

The update released Tuesday for Android phones in the U.S. The official press release says that it will be coming soon to iOS devices and roll out to other countries in the coming months.