• Google Maps is now available for Apple Watch
  • The app returns after Google reintroduced support for watchOS
  • The app still offers the same navigational features it previously had

Google followed up on an announcement made a month ago and has now released Google Maps for the Apple Watch.

Tech giant Google announced last month that it will be rolling out its navigational app for the Apple Watch “in the coming weeks.” It appears that the company made good on its promise and is now releasing a refreshed version of Google Maps for Apple's wearable. This news comes by way of Reddit users who found that the app is available for the device.

The new Google Maps app can now be downloaded from the App Store and installed on the Apple Watch.

This comes after Google reintroduced support for watchOS. The app still offers the same helpful features that the older versions had but adds a few new bug fixes meant to improve the overall user experience on the Apple device.

It still provides users with turn-by-turn navigational directions to help them get to their target destination. The app also gives users ETAs so they will know when they will get to their target location and can provide the information to those waiting for it, if any.

The app also provides users with helpful navigational information regardless of whether they are traveling by car and bike, commuting via public transit or going places on foot. Apple Watch users will be able to use a new Google Maps complication as well.

The Apple Watch app, however, is highly reliant on the iPhone version of the app to work. For example, users will not be able to input addresses or locations on the wearable. They will not be able to get directions to and from any location unless these locations have already been saved on the iPhone app.

That said, the watchOS version of Google Maps will be very helpful for those who have already saved locations, such as home and work, on the iOS app. They will no longer need to use their handsets to get directions – they can simply access the directions on the wearable.

Google previously said the app will also offer seamless transition from mobile to wearable. It will allow users to start navigating from their phone, then continue navigating using the watch. This is perfect for those who are driving a car or bike and can't pick up their phone while driving or traveling.

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