Google Maps users who are running the app via iOS 10 devices can now do more with the addition of new features thanks to a new update, version 4.23.0. 

According to PhoneArena, the Google Maps app for iOS 10 is getting redesigned widgets for Nearby Transit and Travel Times with the latest update. These two widgets have been updated to go well with the iOS 10 theme. 

The Nearby Transit is known to provide information about nearby public transport. On the other hand, the Travel Times widget is made to give users information of their estimated travel time to reach their destination. The latter is designed in such a manner that it would also put into consideration real-time traffic and possible obstructions along the way. 

In addition, the new update also comes with a new feature that will enable users to check out descriptions of certain places. For example, if it’s a hotel, the app will provide descriptions of amenities and features of the structure.

The updated app will also allow users to upload photos while they are reviewing places. Neurogadget says this feature will be useful for travelers, since this will give them visual reference of their travel route and enhance their reviews. 

Apart from all these features, Google Maps version 4.23.0 also comes with bug fixes and iOS 10 optimizations to ensure that the user experience is more friendly. 

The update is rolling out slowly. For people who already have access to it, they may download it over-the-air. For users who have yet to download the Google Maps app, they can look for it in the App Store. 

The release of the iOS 10 update comes less than a week since Google launched the new version of its Maps app for Android-running devices. 

Google Maps was originally launched in February 2005, and it took seven years before it was released in Apple’s App Store on Dec. 13, 2012.