Google's Nexus One is launching a multi-touch update that will allow Google's smart phone some of the same capabilities that are similar to the Apple iPhone.

The technology allows users to zoom into images using a pinch motion, a feature pioneered by Apple's iPhone. Users to utilize pinch-to-zoom technology for certain apps allowing users to navigate the web, maps and photos with a simple pinch.

Google, however, does not use the term multi-touch, which has been popularized by Apple on the iPhone. According to users, multi-touch has always been available on third-party Nexus One applications, but not on that trio of Google applications.

Google said the Nexus One - which it has been selling online through its own Web store - so will get a new version of Google Maps, Google's visual search application.

The company said that the updates will be rolled out to users gradually over the next week. A message will appear on the phone's notification bar informing owners to download and install the updates.