• Rumors have it that Google will release its smartwatch in the Spring of 2021
  • Leaked images revealed the design and official name of the rumored Google Pixel Watch
  • Apple continues to dominate the smartwatch industry, followed by Huawei and Samsung

Speculations about the Google Pixel Watch have been rife online with some claiming that the smartwatch from the search engine giant could release as early as next year. Despite the absence of official confirmation from Google, rumors continue to surface on various social media channels, and the latest leak revealed the upcoming smartwatch's look at launch.

Apple Watch continues to dominate the smartwatch market accounting for roughly a third of the world's total sales between January and March 2021. Huawei came second followed by Samsung, BBK and Fitbit.

However, if the latest leak about Google's Pixel Watch is accurate, it appears that Apple will face a strong contender in the smartwatch industry in 2022. The new set of images came from industry insider Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, who believed these would be used for the upcoming smartwatch's marketing campaign.

Google announced booming quarterly profits Google announced booming quarterly profits Photo: AFP / Kirill KUDRYAVTSEV

The leak not only revealed the design of the Google Pixel Watch but also confirmed its official name. Based on the images, Google's smartwatch features a round display with 3D glass that is tapered on the edges.

There is a crown that users can utilize for navigation, and silicone straps with proprietary design. One of the leaked images shows an incoming call interface while another features the face of the smartwatch, which comes with a couple of rings.

Some industry watchers believed the rings represent Google's Heart Points and Fit's Move Minutes. The smartwatch also appears thin, which makes one wonder about its battery, or how long the device could run.

Aside from those, leaked images show that Google Pixel Watch's UI features the Material You look. It also appears like Google wants to highlight the health tracking features of the smartwatch.

So far, it is believed that the Google Pixel Watch would launch sometime in the Spring of 2022 with a wide range of color and design options. The smart wearable is anticipated to run on Wear OS 3 out of the box.

Moreover, it is expected to have exclusive features that consumers will not find in any Wear OS smartwatches available today. Unfortunately, these details came from a leak and not from an official source.

Consumers are therefore advised to temper their expectations about the Google Pixel Watch and take the leaked images as highly speculative at the moment.