Google recently filed for a patent which shows they are planning to bring the Android onto PC.

According to the patent overview of PatentlyApple by Jack Purcher, certain applications and operating systems such as Android operating system have been designed around a touchscreen user interface. However, it may be beneficial to allow such applications and operating systems to be implemented on traditional devices like a desktop, netbook or laptop or a trackpad.

The process of directing takes place in such a way that the trackpad operations will be directly mapped to the touchscreen actions. For instance, if the user wants to deliver the response onto the desired pointer location on the monitor screen, then he/she will have to just tap a single finger on the trackpad.

The user may use multi-touch actions on the trackpad says Google.

If the user wants to perform tasks such as dragging or scrolling, then he/she will have to tap two fingers on the trackpad and steadily move them together which will show the movement on the display screen. By doing this one can directly map the actions onto the touch screen.

Google has an immense power with its capabilities in terms of the applications and operating system that can bring Android to the PC. And it will definitely be a pleasure to operate Android-powered PCs.