Google Home
Google os reportedly working on a new version of Google Home that will feature mesh Wi-Fi networking. REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach

Google’s strategy to be part of a smarter connected home consists of its Google Home speaker and its Google WiFi router. Now it’s being reported that the search engine giant is considering to combine the two into a single device.

The problem with Google Home and Google WiFi is that users will need multiple of these devices to work all over their houses. Google Home is able to provide Google Assistant and music playback all over the house if users have multiple of these scattered around. Likewise, Google WiFi is able to provide consistent and strong internet connection throughout a house if users have a number of this device.

The problem here is that users will need two different devices in order to take full advantage of Google’s vision of an ideal smart connected home. The company is now considering to solve that problem by combining the two devices into one, according to a new report from The Information, Ars Technica has learned.

The report describes the new device as a new version of the Google Home speaker that comes with built-in mesh WiFi networking. In simpler terms, its an intelligent speaker with Google Assistant onboard that also functions as a WiFi router. Like Google WiFi, the new device can also function as a WiFi repeater to extend the coverage of the user’s WiFi network.

If Google is truly working on this new device, it would convince Google WiFi owners to try out Home, and vice versa, as pointed out by CNET. Another advantage here is that Amazon’s current Echo speakers don’t offer the same set of features, putting Google slightly ahead of the curve.

There are no details yet on how much Google’s new device will cost, but its current Home and WiFi devices cost $130 each. A three-pack bundle of the Google WiFi is also available for $300.