Rumors about the elusive Google X Phone are heating up, and the latest image leaks back up previous rumors that suggest the device may be powered by AT&T.

Google X Phone
Purported Google X Phone sporting AT&T branding @evleaks

Images recently shared by famed tipster @evleaks show a Motorola device complete with AT&T branding clearly visible in the upper left corner. Notably covered with a black bumper, which disguises most other identifying features, the device is said to closely resemble a proposed Google X Phone prototype that was leaked just before the Samsung Galaxy S4 unveiling in March. Both devices have the Motorola logo in the top left corner, above the carrier brand; however, the device in the previous leak shows a Vietnamese mobile carrier.

Google X Phone
Purported Google X Phone image leaked by Vietnamese website in March

The most damning evidence that this device could be the Google X Phone can be found on its back, where “XFON” is printed on the top right of an extremely blurry bar code. While we have considered these leaked images, especially of the bar code, could have easily been doctored; we also note that tips divulged to Android and Me suggest the Google X Phone is slated to release in August, with AT&T receiving three-month exclusivity deal before other carriers receive the phone in November.

Google X Phone
Back bar code of purported Google X Phone that reads "XFON" @evleaks

Other recent rumors include the Google X Phone purportedly showing up on several Antutu benchmarks, running Android 4.2.2, as well as Android 5.0. As per the Android 4.2.2 benchmark, the device being tested is the Motorola XT1055; however, these leaks also have most people highly skeptical as to their validity.

Despite most feeling certain that the Google X Phone will release sometime this year, there has been no confirmation of its existence from Motorola or Google. Google executives Eric Schmidt and Larry Page have their excitement about future Motorola devices; however, at this point we can only assume the Google X Phone is among them.

Thus far, other rumors suggest the Google X Phone may run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset, which recently went into mass production, may also include a “creepy” always-on Voice Activation feature, which may also be highly customizable. However, this information also remains unconfirmed.

But there is still hope that we may see the Google X Phone unveiled at the Google I/O conference, which takes place this month.