• Google has an iMessage -like app for all Android phones
  • Google's RCS Messaging is called Chat
  • Chat now available in the US

Android phones‘ old SMS features could not get close to Apple’s iMessage, which is iPhone’s modern text message app. But, it appears the Android phones now stand a chance with RCS Messaging. Google Senior Director of Product Management Sanaz Ahari Lemelson shares on a tweet that a new text-messaging protocol is now available on all Android phones in the US, the Google Chat.

Google RCS Messaging introduces features on Android phones that are similar to Apple’s iMessage. It can send full-resolution images and tiny bubbles that enables the receiver to know when someone is typing. The search engine giant is taking its time to release the messaging app, but it hopes to make it available to everyone by the end of 2019, reports CNET.

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Google's RCS texting or Google Chat is like Apple's iMessage for all Android phones. AFP / ALAIN JOCARD

RCS Messaging does not easily roll off the tongue, so in the Messages app, the search engine giant refers to the new service as Chat. To avail of the latest messaging feature, install Google’s Messages app and set it as the default app of your Android device. Simply follow the prompts, and if you are worried about losing your conversation history, it will still be there even if you switch.

There are a couple of ways to enable Google Chat. You can either wait for the prompt in the Messages app, or you can also go to the Settings of Messages and turn Chat on. When you receive the prompt, tap Upgrade Now and simply follow the prompts. At the moment, Google’s RCS Messaging works in the US, UK, Mexico, and France, and the search engine giant is currently adding more US users.

If you stumble into issues with sending messages, check the current status of your device, particularly its connection to the Chat service by accessing the Settings app. When it says Connected, your mobile number is registered with Chat. But, you can only talk using this messaging service to a person with this feature also enabled on his device. If you are impatient and would like to try RCS Messaging or Chat right now, some Reddit users have discovered a workaround. It is technical, but it could get you the feature.

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