• Google recently launched Chrome 79
  • It integrates Password Checkup on Chrome
  • This feature continually scans user's credentials against 4 billion compromised passwords 

The password checking feature of the search engine giant has been slowly spreading all over the Google ecosystem. It began with Password Checkup extension for the desktop version of Google Chrome, which audits individual passwords when keyed in. Interestingly, instead of the Chrome extension, the Password Checkup in being integrated into both mobile and desktop versions of Google Chrome 79.

The Password Checkup feature is ideal for users who have their login credentials saved in Google Chrome and synced on Google servers. Since it has a massive database of all passwords, it now wants to compare these passwords against the massive four billion compromised usernames and passwords that have been exposed in countless security breaches that have happened over the past years. When the search engine giant hits a match, it informs the user that the credentials are unsafe and public and should be changed.

The core point of this in Chrome 79 is security, and the company is doing all of this by directly comparing the user's credentials against the list of encrypted credentials that are already compromised. Integrating Password Checkup into Chrome would make password editing conventional. Introducing the feature into Chrome will place it in front of mainstream users who do not consider password security and who are precisely the kind of people who need this kind of thing.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome REUTERS/Stephen Lam

The password Checkup on Chrome 79 was already on the mobile version since the mobile Chrome until now does not support extensions. Google explains,

For now, we're gradually rolling this out for everyone signed in to Chrome as a part of our Safe Browsing protections. Users can control the feature in the "Sync and Google Services" section of Chrome Settings, and if you're not signed in to Chrome, and not syncing your data with Google's servers, the feature won't work.

With the password checkup on Chrome 79, the extension is not that helpful anymore. But, if you want a full password audit for all your passwords kept in Google, the web version is still good. With the Password Checkup integrated on Chrome, Google will continually check the user's passwords every time they are keyed in.