At CES 2012, Corning will introduce the next-generation of its damage-resistant specialty glass for TVs, PCs, smartphones and tablets called Gorilla Glass 2. The new glass is said to be thinner than Gorilla Glass but maintain its predecessor's ultra-stren
At CES 2012, Corning introduced its then-next generation of damage-resistant specialty glass for TVs, PCs, smartphones and tablets, called Gorilla Glass 2. The new glass is said to be thinner than Gorilla Glass while maintaining its predecessor's durability and strength. Courtesy/Corninggorillaglass.c

Is there any better than a thin and light device such as a smartphone or a tablet for the electronics fans? That must be a thinner and lighter one. And, Gorilla Glass 2.0 can make the dream into a reality.

That's why when Gorilla Glass 2.0 was unveiled at CES 2012, it made a big splash in the electronics industry.

If you don't know Gorilla Glass 2.0, you might know its predecessor - Gorilla Glass, the damage-resistant cover glass which has been used in many device, including the hyped iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Gorilla Glass boasts of high scratch resistance and endurance. So far, more than 575 devices from over 30 different companies have used this glass.

Never satisfied with success, however, Corning launched the Gorilla Glass 2.0, which is 20% thinner than its predecessor, without compromising on its strength.

We knew Corning Gorilla Glass could get even better. So in response to our customers' drive toward thinner form factors, we designed this new glass to enable meaningful reduction in thickness without sacrificing the outstanding glass performance for which Gorilla Glass has become highly recognized, Corning Senior Vice President and General Manager James Steiner said in a statement.

Instead, the new Gorilla Glass can bring more benefits to mobile gadgets. “The thinner Gorilla Glass 2 enables slimmer and sleeker devices, brighter images, and greater touch sensitivity,” Corning said.

Without doubt, Gorilla Glass 2.0 is going to be packed into many thinner and sleeker touchscreen gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, as well as laptops.

Corning has already established partnerships with some device manufactures, including Acer, Asus and more. All of them will apply the new glass in their gadgets this year. Besides, Microsoft also confirmed that it will use Gorilla Glass 2.0 on its broad range of devices, which have been designed for Window 8.

Meanwhile, countless Apple fans are wondering whether the next generation iPhone and iPad will also use Gorilla Glass 2.0, which will make the Apple devices more attractive.

The durable Gorilla Glass has been in use in almost 600 different products and the revenue of the company in 2011 is expected to top $700 million, Corning claimed.