Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) and Ed Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) had a huge confrontation back in “Gotham” Season 3, and it seemed like their once beautiful friendship is ruined beyond repair.

Oswald, also known as the Penguin, made things worse when he froze Nygma in a huge ice block and even displayed him in his new bar, the Iceberg Lounge. Nygma managed to escape this Season 4, thanks to a lovelorn fan, but sadly, the Riddler’s brain is not working the way it used to.

Given this predicament, will Nygma continue fighting his former boss? Or would he simply concentrate in other pursuits? As far as Taylor is concerned, the “war” between the two will only continue.

“Oswald, he was extremely immature with how he approached his friend. Well, he killed him, so immature I guess is a way to describe it. Should they come back together in any sort of fashion, that romantic thing—again, this is part of the lessons Oswald has learned—he knows that leads to nothing but ruin,” Taylor told Collider. “There is a war between the two of them because of that. Their relationship going forward is as enemies, as you’ll see. Their relationship moves to the forefront again.”

Meanwhile, Smith told Digital Spy that Nygma will discover “a new way of life” this season together with Dr. Leslie “Lee” Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) and the new zombie in town, Solomon Grundy (Drew Powell). “It’s a pattern in his life,” Smith said. “Once again, he has to figure out who he is and what he's worth.”

“He knows who he was – for a moment – and he worked so hard to get there and now it’s been stolen from him,” added Smith. “So the long journey of maybe getting back there, or maybe being an even better version of that, is certainly inspiring.”

It’s a good thing Grundy has forgotten Butch’s old grudge with Nygma, but Powell assured Comic Book that the old mobster isn’t completely gone because “there’s going to be a lot of Butch still in Grundy.”