Graphic t-shirts, as versatile as they come, can still be inappropriate on certain occasions and the last thing you want is to become the laughing stock of a party or event. In this post, we will show you how to pick the right graphic tees, what to avoid, as well as recommend the coolest designs you'll find online!

So if you're ready to look like a rockstar, read on.

Women's Graphic T-shirt Know how to rock your graphic t-shirt with these easy steps Photo: Pexels

1. Make Sure the Fit is Right

You don't just wear a graphic tee, you rock it. Make sure the fit is perfect because it can make or break your style. Check if it fits comfortably on your chest, shoulders and arms. It also must be a little loose around the sides of your body. If it's too tight around the abdomen, look for something else. Make sure it’s not too big either.

2. Never Tuck In a Graphic Tee

Well, some of us do like to tuck in our T-shirts. That’s fine, but never do that on a graphic tee. A front tuck is still alright but tucked in all the way around just makes it look lame. Don’t even tuck in your graphic polos or shirts.

3. Wear Something You Can Relate To

You can never go wrong with wearing a graphic tee about a cause you support, your alma mater or your city. I ‘heart’ New York types of tees are great anytime, anywhere. All age groups can also wear them.

Hometown Apparel is a great store to check out if you are looking for graphic tees with a wide array of designs. These guys give you some of the most amazing print-on-demand T-shirts with unique designs representing over 31,500 hometowns in America. Pick your town, select your design and size, and you are good to go.

Themes representing states like Alaska and Texas or cities such as New York or Los Angeles are great ways to rock a graphic T-shirt. You can wear them like a rockstar V-neck, go in style to a baseball game, cuddle up on your couch a crew neck or go out with hoodie on those cold nights. All towns and cities come in these designs and many more.

You can select your state and get a variety of designs representing great things about it. You can also choose a specific town and select your choice of T-shirt. They customize everything to your taste. Hometown Apparel even has a 24-hour customer service to answer questions you may have about the fit, design or materials of your T-shirts.

Hometown Apparel also has a limited period offer, giving you a T-shirt for a 35% discount at a throwaway price of just $12.95, including custom printing. You can also get free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

Hometown Apparel Hometown Apparel is offering some great discounts right now. They have some amazing graphic tees for you Photo: Hometown Apparel

4. Offensive Graphics are an Absolute No!

You may mean it as a joke, but the issue is your graphic is visible to many people than it is to you. Whenever you are walking on the street, a crude or offensive T-shirt will lower people’s opinion of you and make you seem very immature. Keep it clean, keep it classy.

5. You Can Never Dress Up a Graphic Tee

Never wear a sports jacket or a blazer with your graphic tee, since it defeats the purpose of representing the shirt's design. Another thing you must remember is to never wear a graphic tee to make yourself look younger, since this is nothing but a myth. You can wear them at any age, and you will find graphics appropriate for your age.

Graphic tees look great with either chinos or jeans and give you a very relaxed and fun vibe. If that's not enough, wearing a watch or sunglasses would absolutely make you a head-turner. There are many options for you to mix and match with a graphic T-shirt. Make sure you also include a pair of fashion sneakers into your arsenal.