New Democracy MP Byron Polydoras caused a public outcry when he appointed his daughter to a civil servant post. onlarissa.gr

Greece's new coalition government has banned cabinet ministers from handing out jobs to family members, following a public backlash after the temporary head of parliament appointed his daughter to a civil servant post last month.

As the new government struggles to tackle Greece's massive debt with harsh austerity policies, and as unemployment pushes toward the 25 percent mark, the Greek public has demanded an end to nepotistic practices among public officials.

Following the May elections that failed to produce a government, MP Byron Polydoras, of the center-right New Democracy party, while serving as President of Parliament for a day (in a temporary cabinet tasked with holding new elections on June 17), gave his daughter a position in his office.

A public outcry later followed, as critics called Polydoras' actions "immoral." Nevertheless, under Greece's constitution, civil servants cannot be fired, thus securing his daughter's position.

Polydoras defended his daughter's appointment, arguing that she held three master's degrees and spoke four languages, making her a valuable employee in his office.