Will heists launch next Tuesday in 'GTA Online?' Courtesy/Rockstar

Rockstar’s next update, update 1.16, may reach “GTA Online” players this Tuesday, Aug. 19. According to a series of tweets posted by the New York City-based studio, new content is currently in development – and some are speculating it may launch as early as next week.

“This is more speculation, but there’s a good chance the DLC is gonna come out on Tuesday. The reason I say that is because ‘GTA Online’ is going through hell right now,” Dominic C., aka YouTube user DomisLive said in a recent video.

“It’s ridiculous. Rockstar has gotta release some sort of patch. We gotta have some type of patch to release these issues. I doubt Rockstar is just gonna stand by, and when we get an update, there’s usually a DLC with that update,” he added.

Check out Rockstar’s tweets below, which discuss the possibility of new content coming to the open-world action game.

Last week, we wondered if Rockstar (NASDAQ: TTWO) would delay the update due to the increasing number of in-game "money glitching," where people were illegally giving out large amounts of in-game cash to other players. When Aug. 12 came and went with no update, it’s safe to assume the studio delayed the update due to the high number of users cheating the game.

There’s no word on what Rockstar’s next update may contain, but many fans are hopeful that heists will be included, which were promised earlier this spring.