Are heists coming in 'GTA 5 Online's' next big update? Courtesy/Rockstar

“Grand Theft Auto 5 Online” players are wondering if New York City-based developer Rockstar will launch update 1.17 Tuesday -- and whether that update will include the long-awaited "heists" feature.

Some said the heists update was coming after “Grand Theft Auto” tipster Dominic C., or DomisLive, posted a user screenshot of a Rockstar developer testing it out Saturday, showing a player earning $100 million from engaging in heists in “GTA Online.” The photo was fake, but a second real screenshot from Rockstar apologizing for the heists delay via Twitter also appeared.

The company didn’t provide any more information regarding when the highly anticipated feature will reach players.

The “San Andreas Flight School Update”, 1.16, launched for the open-world action game Aug. 19, and the Independence Day Special reached players July 1. It is possible Rockstar is planning to unveil the new downloadable content Tuesday, the day of the week the developer launches all of its updates.

Do you think we’ll see an update Tuesday? Will it contain heists? Leave a comment below.