Rockstar Games’ hotly anticipated title, “Grand Theft Auto 6,” will be exclusive to the upcoming PlayStation 5 console for a month once it’s released, a new report claims.

The International Business Times previously reported that the upcoming “GTA” title is already in the works. Although game developer Rockstar itself hasn’t said anything about the title just yet, a resumé posted by a former employee seems to confirm speculations that indeed, “GTA 6” is coming soon.

The resumé, belonging to a self-identified “Jr. Vehicle Artist” who formerly worked for Rockstar India, claimed that “GTA 6” is “upcoming.” The resumé said the former employee worked on creating concept vehicles for both “GTA 5” DLCs and “GTA 6.”

Now, a report claims that “GTA 6” is coming soon and will be released exclusively for the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 console for one month before being made available to other gaming platforms.

Gaming news outlet Dexerto made this claim after seeing a Pastebin post coming from someone who claims to be a “third party small developer from EU.” This anonymous source said he (or she) has been helping a well-known company develop a AAA title that will be released in 2020 as a launch game for the next-gen console.

The source said he is “hearing that Sony is paying huge money to secure 1 month time exclusive for ps5.” If this is true, this could very well be an added boost for both Rockstar and Sony for several reasons, the Express reported.

Sony’s upcoming console has been previously reported as having top-tier specs rivaling high-end PCs. It features ray tracing technology, and supports 8K resolution. Such a powerful console needs a huge game to show what it can do -- and “GTA 6” seems fit for the task.

What’s more, despite the high-end specs, the PS5 is expected to sell at an “appealing” price, Sony’s own Mark Cerny said. This is supported by an analysis from Pelham Smithers Associates, a research firm specializing in Japanese manufacturing.

If the PS5 is sold at a low price, “GTA” fans will find it easy to acquire the high-end gaming console to play the much awaited title.

Still, the claims about “GTA 6” being a month-long PS5-exclusive remain as rumors until Sony and Rockstar make official announcements. It’s best to take it all with the customary grain of salt.

gta v 'Grand Theft Auto V' launched in 2013. The 'Grand Theft Auto' franchise has been at the center of violent video game controversies for nearly two decades. Photo: Rockstar Games