A poster on the GTAForums has found some sort of proof that Rockstar Games is indeed working on their hotly anticipated title, “GTA VI.” Could this be true?

A GTAForums poster named Apollo Thunder posted a screenshot with a supposed resumé belonging to a former Rockstar India employee named Bibin Michael. The resumé, which was posted in Art Station, said Michael was a “Jr. Vehicle Artist at Rockstar Games.”

The resumé goes on to say that Michael worked at creating “concept vehicles matching with real world for Gta 5 dlc and upcoming Gta6” between December 2017 and April 2018. To further bolster the legitimacy of this resumé, Apollo Thunder said Michael was also credited in another Rockstar blockbuster, “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

Michael’s name does appear in “RDR2’s” thank you page, VG247 noted. The “thank you” page lists the names of people who, in one way or another, contributed to the development of the game but are not part of the game’s main development team.

Aside from the Art Station resumé, Michael’s LinkedIn page also lists his tenure with Rockstar India. He, however, failed to mention what game he worked on or what role he played in the game company.

Aside from Rockstar, Michael has already worked for other companies. He did vehicle modeling for Adnet Global, worked on “Environment and prop modeling and texturing in Lego Scooby doo” for Xentrix Studious and worked on creating “highly precious vehicle art” for “Forza motorsport” and “Horizon” series as a game artist for Dhruva Interactive.

Not legitimate

Despite the credentials and the inclusion in “RDR2’s” thank you page, however, some do not believe that the “leak” is legitimate and should be believed.

PCGamesN noted that this kind of “reveal” happened before. First, a CV appeared on Breakdown Express in 2017, claiming that actor Tim Neff was involved in some motion capture work for “GTA VI.” Neff, who admitted to working on “GTA V,” denied working on “GTA VI.”

PCGamer added that some earlier “leaks” proved to be pranks meant to fool the excited gaming public. Whether or not this recent “reveal” proves true remains to be seen. What’s known is that Michael’s supposed resumé doesn’t mention his stint with Rockstar India anymore.

Rockstar Games Logo The Rockstar Games logo with the "Red Dead Redemption" red background. Photo: Rockstar Games