A new leak claims Rockstar Games’ highly anticipated title “GTA 6” will feature a classic “GTA” story and will take place in locations familiar to everyone who played some of the franchise’s most popular entries.

“Grand Theft Auto 6” is one of the most wanted movies among gamers today. Sadly, game developer Rockstar Games continues to keep its mouth shut about the game, refusing to divulge any details about its storyline, setting, and other details.

While some details and confirmation managed to leak out every now and then, the game company itself continues to stay silent about the title, causing many excited fans to wonder about what the upcoming title will feature, if ever it does come out.

Previous reports from the International Business Times mentioned that it is already in the works, and that it might be exclusive to Sony’s upcoming gaming behemoth, the PlayStation 5, for a month during its release. Now, a new leak gives potentially accurate details about the upcoming game.

New details leaked

According to a now-deleted post in Pastebin (but was spotted by Dexerto before deletion), “GTA 6” will put players in the shoes of a character who’s making his way to the top of the drug industry and become the top in-game drug lord.

This character will do all sorts of things and take on all sorts of odd jobs such as small-time thefts, until he eventually joins a famous gang based in Vice City. Once he becomes a member of that gang, he will be tasked to oversee the drug business in Liberty City. If he does things correctly, he will soon become Vice City’s top drug lord.

Aside from featuring iconic locations like Vice City and Liberty City, the game will also feature “a vast stretch of highways and Blaine County like countrysides in the middle of it all,” the leak alleged. It will also feature “some kind of timed era between the missions with flashbacks.”

The Pastebin post, although unofficial, might have some credence to it owing to the fact that it was a “guest” post that was “deleted” by Pastebin after it was reported to the public. Dexerto said. What’s more, it could be possible that Rockstar itself had the post deleted, confirming its veracity, a Redditor claimed.

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'Grand Theft Auto V' launched in 2013. The 'Grand Theft Auto' franchise has been at the center of violent video game controversies for nearly two decades. Rockstar Games