• "GTA 6" is the rumored sequel of the hit game "Grand Theft Auto 5"
  • The game is reportedly in the works
  • Rockstar Games is currently preparing for the release of "GTA 5" expanded and Enhanced Edition

A new "GTA 6" map leak has seemingly suggested that the unannounced title will take place in one of the most famous cities in the world: Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

A Reddit user has claimed recently that they somehow managed to pinpoint the location of the rumored game "GTA 6" based on the previous supposed map leaked a few months ago.

Reddit user Boastful_Clown found several clues that seem to indicate that the next "Grand Theft Auto" title would be set in Brazil. To prove their point, the user showed a side-by-side comparison of the leaked map and greater Rio de Janeiro's map.

It turns out that there are several striking similarities between the two maps. Aside from being geographically similar, they also share several distinct points of interest.

It is worth noting, however, that even the supposed "GTA 6" map is not official. Also, the said map originally came from 4Chan. While the anonymous imageboard website is a solid source for several leaks in the gaming industry, it is also notorious for a lot of fake claims.

According to a former Rockstar Games India developer, Rockstar is currently working on several unannounced games which could be "GTA 6" and "Bully 2." LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

In other words, despite the similarities the two maps share, there is no telling if it is indeed the map that players would explore when the game officially releases. However, it is interesting to note that this claim aligns with the prevalent theory within the "GTA" community that the game would be set partly in South America.

One prominent "GTA 6" rumor about the game has claimed that it has a code name "Project Americas." According to this rumor, the much-awaited sequel would span not only in the U.S. but also in South America and would include real-life locations.

"GTA 6" is one of the heavily rumored unannounced titles in the industry. Despite the ebb and flow of different claims about the game, Rockstar Games, the team behind the successful "Grand Theft Auto" franchise, is still tight-lipped about it.

Rumors have it that the game might be announced in the late part of 2023, while other hopeful fans believe that it might be announced next year.

"GTA 6" is rumored to be in development. With the imminent release of the Expanded and Enhanced version of "GTA 5," it is highly unlikely that fans would get any news about "GTA 6" until the release of the former's next-generation port.