• Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed that it is working on "GTA 6"
  • Rumors about the next "Grand Theft Auto" installment have been rife for years
  • Rockstar Games is set to launch the new Expanded and Enhanced Edition of "GTA 5" sometime this year

New details about the rumored "GTA 6" Vice City map have surfaced online through a leaked image. The supposed map, this time, shows the roads and other details not available in the previous leaks.

The new leaked "GTA 6" map, which many fans are familiar with, surfaced online recently. Apparently, this is the updated version of the first map leaked three years ago showing Vice City. The new version showcases a city in the top right part and a beachfront linked to what looks like a vast swampland and rural area.

Comicbook has noted that this new map and three other supposed "GTA 6" maps leaked in the past are all connected. The site has claimed that the first look at the map, or at least some part of it, was out in the early part of 2020. At that time, two map images were leaked.

A strange "GTA 6" leak could be hinting of a Summer 2020 grand reveal as opposed to earlier assumption that it is the game's release window. steamXO

In the late part of 2020, another image was leaked, which shows a closer look at the earlier leaked couple of images. "The large body of land, complemented by a few smaller landmasses that are presumably islands," the site has claimed. It also adds thus: "Based on other previous leaks, it's possible the large map is Vice City and its surrounding area while the smaller islands are various Caribbean islands."

However, when the large map surfaced online, it turned out incomplete. Apparently, the latest "GTA 6" map fills out this incomplete part of the whole map. Separately, these supposed leaked "GTA 6" maps do not mean much. But when pieced together, they show three expansive landmasses. They also feature more than one giant city and a range of smaller islands.

Unfortunately, all of these supposed "GTA 6" maps originated from 4Chan by anonymous users. While some of the biggest leaks in the industry have come from the channel, many fake posts and claims usually come from the site. Fans should therefore temper their expectations and take this new supposed "GTA 6" map with skepticism.

The "Grand Theft Auto" Fandom is torn about the veracity of these recently leaked "GTA 6" maps. Others think that if it is fake, it seems like an impressive fake map. Regardless if it's fake or not, it is not official.