The first “GTA” game came out on Oct 21, 1997, meaning the game has been around for nearly 22 years. That’s 22 years of mindless violence, heists, side missions and everything else that makes “GTA” so addicting to play.

In all its 22 years, however, the main playable characters in “GTA” have been men and the role women played was mainly the lead character’s lover. However, there have been rumors that there will be a playable female lead character in “GTA 6.”

The most recent installment in the “Grand Theft Auto” series, “GTA 5,” took a break from tradition when it featured multiple playable protagonists as opposed to just one. This was well-received by many fans as it added more depth to the game and allowed them to play as different characters with different personalities.

Now, according to a rumor circulating online, Rockstar may once again break tradition with “GTA 6” by making it the first game in the franchise to feature a playable female protagonist.

The rumor comes from the YouTube channel Inside Gaming and an inside source who has requested to remain anonymous. You can watch the video below:

“It is apparently still yet to be fully firmly decided but there are rumors we could see a female lead for the game,” Ashley Jenkins from the channel’s segment, The Know, stated in the video.

While it is said to be a nearly confirmed rumor, it should still be taken with a grain of salt. The source is an insider and of the anonymous variety, so there’s clearly not a lot of weight behind the claims. In other words, do not take the rumor to heart as Rockstar games may have other plans in mind for “GTA 6.”

Just last month, there was reportedly a new leak regarding “GTA 6” when an anonymous post made its way onto Pastebin. Unfortunately, the post has since been removed and rather quickly at that, which has fans speculating that Rockstar games may have had a hand in its removal.

According to the leak, “GTA 6” will reportedly take place across multiple big cities, which players can travel to and from. Players will reportedly play a drug lord who starts off as a small-time dealer in Liberty City but eventually works their way up and joins a famous gang in Vice City.

This lines up with another rumor that “GTA 6” would take place in Los Santos, Vice City, and Liberty City after a Rockstar Games employee posted a review on Glassdoor. The review contained the hidden acronym: “GTA6LSVCLC,” which was spelled out in the review. The post also implies that the game will be set during a certain era and could possibly contain flashback missions.

Additionally, a leak also claimed that “GTA 6” will not be available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and that it will instead launch on next-gen consoles Xbox Scarlett and the PlayStation 5. There has been no word yet regarding its release, but some fans have speculated it will come out sometime in 2021 or 2022.

Will fans finally see "GTA 6" some time in the Summer of 2020? strelkin / Flickr