• Several rumors and leaks point that "GTA 6" is returning in Vice City
  • Fans pointed out the recently discovered domain name owned by Take-Two Interactive
  • A music artist also claimed that "GTA 6" could be set in the fictional version of Miami

"GTA 6" is reportedly going back to Vice City based on multiple leaks and rumors. Although Rockstar Games earlier announced that "GTA 5" is releasing on Sony's PS5, fans are still talking about the sixth instalment to the popular "Grand Theft Auto" series. Based on various rumors and leaks online, it looks like the next game might return to Vice City.

One of the favorite subjects that fans love to argue about is the location of "GTA 6." Talks about the next game's setting were triggered again with a recent information shared on Reddit. The tipster reportedly discovered that take-Two Interactive owns the domain name

The company registered the domain name in 2009, but the address was updated just this March 2020. "GTA 4" was released in 2008 and the domain name was registered a year after that, which attracted interests of fans. Many speculated that it could be the location of "GTA 6."

GTA V came out in 2013 and it was well-received by fans everywhere. The newest installment in the series, GTA VI, is set to come out anytime soon however details are still scarce. strelkin / Flickr

However, it is possible that the domain is just Rockstar Games' way of retaining its rights to its intellectual property. This way, it would not have to deal with potential issues in the future. The update to the domain could simply be a move to renew it, just like all other domain names.

However, "GTA 6" theorists would like to believe that it is more than that. Earlier, another Reddit user named markothemexican, claimed that the game would be set in Vice City. The tipster revealed that he got his information from a roommate who is a former Rockstar North employee. He also shared other details about the game, including the game's weather system and its effects on NPCs.

Aside from this, another report seemingly pointed out that "GTA 6" would be set in Vice City. The report highlighted that Rockstar Games has been in contact with several synthwave musicians, including Pete Brian. In his Twitter account, the artist said that "GTA 6" would most likely take place in Vice City. He added that "music rights clearing people have been hitting up Synthwave artists for a 'Radio Station.'"

"GTA 6" is reportedly in development.