On April 2, NYC-based developer Rockstar announced that new updates for “Grand Theft Auto Online” were coming soon. Among those updates was the long-awaited High Life Update, which will allow players to own new high-end apartments, buy new wardrobes and manage multiple properties. Though Rockstar promised players these updates were coming sometime this spring, no actual release date was announced.

Rumors are beginning to surface regarding when the update will launch, and many believe the DLC will reach players on April 22, two days after the Easter holiday. April 22 is also a Tuesday, which is when many games launch and the day Rockstar releases many of its updates.

YouTube user Granty claims he is 99% sure the “GTA Online” update 1.13 will launch on this date, and he created a video explaining why. He also expects to see heists come to the action-adventure title next week.

Earlier this year, Rockstar released an official statement concerning updates on the official Rockstar Wire.

Hey all, great to see so much excitement about the updates we have planned for GTA Online this Spring and beyond. For those asking when they can expect to see these updates, the first will be the Capture Creator, available next week. The High Life Update and Heists will be out later this Spring and stay tuned for further updates here on the Newswire.

Earlier this month, Rockstar announced heists will allow players to team up with Crew members to take part in cooperative missions.

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