Rockstar Games is reshaping the way “GTA V Online” players are enjoying its game. With the release of the new Anniversary mode, called Vehicle Vendetta, players will now have to fight against another team of players in their search for power-ups.

Aside from announcing that this Monday is the last day that the “GTA V Online” world is covered in snow, Rockstar Games also introduced the new Vehicle Vendetta mode in its latest blog post. According to the publisher, this mode pits teams of players against another team and both will be competing for power-ups.

Listed in the blog post are the different power-ups, which include the Rhino Tank-transforming Beast and the obstacle-removing Detonator. There is also a Bomb power-up that places up to three bombs around the map. Rockets lets players fire rockets at approaching drivers. Repair fixes vehicles and brings them back to max health.

A special power-up, called Ghost, enables players to become translucent. When this happens, they can drive through their enemies and even steal their power-ups from them. Jammed pumps up the accelerator of the enemies, while Flipped reverses their steering and braking controls. For players who wish to slow down time, there is this power-up called Zoned Finally, Deadline is the power-up to use when one intends to switch onto the Nagasaki Shotaro.

Kicking off the year with style, Rockstar announced the new bike Pegassi FCR 1000. The publisher says this vehicle is famous for its “old-school, no-frills engineering.” Nevertheless, it is also the ultimate delight among hipsters due to its classic and customizable appearance.

Rockstar did not forget to give players special perks for this month. Starting this Monday until Jan. 17, players can earn GTA$ and RP when they engage in the Vehicle Vendetta mode. Also, from Jan. 3 through Jan. 16, there will be discounts on certain items and features in-game, as per Dual Shockers.

“GTA Online,” which is part of “GTA V,” is available for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC platforms.