• Hackers and modders add to woes of "Grand Theft Auto Online"
  • Rockstar Games need to come up with fix and new rules soon
  • "GTA Online" gamers struggling with lagging servers

Epic Games gave Rockstar Games an unexpected problem when game servers were unable to handle the load of new players for "Grand Theft Auto 5." "GTA V" was the mystery game being offered by Epic Games and such resulted in millions of new players. Unfortunately, it also became a gateway for hackers to crash "Grand Theft Auto Online."

As mentioned in a previous post, Rockstar's game servers went on the blink when the massive entry of new players started last May 14. While the problem was linked to the heavy influx of new players, it appears that this was not the only reason. Hackers and modders have also created havoc, flooding servers through free access. Now, even "GTA Online" gamers are complaining about their bad intentions, disrupting the usually smooth gameplay regular players were enjoying.

Most of the "GTA Online" players who have been suffering from the disruptions vent out their complaints on the GTA Online subreddit. Players were getting trapped in cages while others claim that random non-playing characters or objects were spawning on top of them. These are just some of the annoying things that "GTA Online" gamers are experiencing. Now, some are even asking if it was a wise move by Epic Games to offer "Grand Theft Auto 5" for free. Aside from that, most are wondering if "GTA Online" will ever be function normally again.

Aside from these nuisances caused by hackers and modders on "GTA Online" gamers, some have been trying to cope with the game server performance. Though Rockstar Games claims that they were able to address the glitch which prevented most people from logging on, the added load of objects has lagged the servers until they eventually crash.

The most concerning part of it all is that Epic Games is offering the free game until May 21. This means that more new players and hackers are likely to join the fray. For now, it will be up to Rockstar Games to come up with a solution. A fix is needed and some new rules may need to be put into place. Banning players could be a possibility, especially if there is proof that they are just logging on to create chaos. It is a reality that "Grand Theft Auto Online" players have to deal with for now.

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