• "End of Dragons" will introduce tons of new content for "Guild Wars 2"
  • Highlights include a new region, new elite specializations and a two-seater turtle mount
  • The expansion pack is scheduled to release in February 2022

ArenaNet recently went live to showcase the work it has done for “Guild Wars 2’s” upcoming third expansion pack “End of Dragons,” which is set to bring back the locked region of Cantha as the story dives deep into the territory of the water-based elder dragon Kuunavang.

As the game’s third expansion, “End of Dragons” is expected to bring plenty of new content for “Guild Wars 2,” most of which were revealed during the developers’ hour-long livestream.

For fans who missed the show, here’s a quick summary of all the confirmed “End of Dragons” content so far.

New Region: Cantha

The region of Cantha is getting reimagined for “Guild Wars 2.” Fans can expect this new open-world area to be completely unique to the other areas from aesthetic and gameplay perspectives. It’s been 250 years since Cantha was first visited back in the original “Guild Wars,” and many things have changed since then.

Skiffs and Fishing

“End of Dragons” will feature fishing as a new mechanic that players can do whenever they aren’t adventuring. Players can catch fish from Cantha’s many lakes using the new Skiffs, which are essentially boats that can hold multiple players at once.

Two-Player Turtle Mounts

The Siege Turtle is the game’s first combat mount and can be operated by two players. These lumbering giants are armed with enormous cannons that can lay waste upon their targets. According to the developers, the Siege Turtles were designed to provide both riders with something fun to do while mounted.

Giant Siege Turtles are coming as two-seater mounts for Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons Giant Siege Turtles are coming as two-seater mounts for Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons Photo: ArenaNet

New Elite Specializations

All nine classes are getting new elite specializations, but so far, only the Mesmer’s Virtuoso spec has been revealed. The Virtuoso is a Power-centric specialization that uses phantasmal blades to deal high damage to single or multiple targets.

ArenaNet also teased a silhouette of a pistol-wielding Asura surrounded by a sickly green aura, hinting at a possible Pistol Necromancer specialization.

New Legendary Weapons

A new set of legendary weapons will be made available for “End of Dragons,” all of which are themes after Aurene. This is, however, the most controversial of all additions as fans pointed out that the weapons all looked almost exactly the same.

10 New Strikes

New Cantha-based strike missions are coming along with the expansion pack. These strikes also come in higher difficulties for players who crave greater challenges.

Isle of Reflection Guild Hall

Lastly, a new guild hall will be available for guilds who want to call Cantha home. The Isle of Reflection features the distinct Canthan architecture that blends beautifully with the region’s natural environment.