• More strikes and bosses are coming to the game
  • A new underwater map meta will come as part of the expansion
  • "End of Dragons" will arrive on Feb. 28

A short demo featuring all of the new upcoming features in the much-anticipated “End of Dragons” expansion for “Guild Wars 2” has been revealed alongside its final release date.

The video was released by ArenaNet on YouTube, offering players a glimpse of what to expect in the expansion apart from the new sub-classes, the heavily-armed war turtle mount and the revisited Cantha region. In the demo, the developers gave fans a brief look at the premise of the new storyline and a first look at how Tyria’s Asia-inspired region has prospered over the years.

Much has changed in Cantha since it was introduced in the first “Guild Wars” game. The nation has seen rapid economic and technological growth thanks to the advancements in Jade Tech, which transformed Cantha into a futuristic sci-fi-style society. Canthan architecture blends modern and traditional styles while various Jade Tech machines power the country’s backend.

Speaking of Jade Tech, a new mastery track for Jade Bot drones will be available in “End of Dragons.” The drones can revive fallen players and give them a small boost while gliding down. So far, they are the only Jade Bot abilities shown, but a lot more is expected when the expansion is released.

The developers also teased a new large-scale map meta that will soon be available. Based on the trailer, this meta will be an underwater battle against a large dragon-type monster. Not much else was shown about how this might play out, but players are advised to keep their underwater gear updated.

The new guild hall set in Cantha for Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons
The new guild hall set in Cantha for Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons ArenaNet

Alongside this new meta are new bosses in Cantha’s open world and inside additional strike missions. These bosses will presumably appear in set destinations around different regions similar to the other world-boss-type enemies in the game’s other locations.

Lastly, ArenaNet previewed the upcoming Canthan guild hall inspired by classic Asian architecture mixed with “Guild Wars 2’s” signature magical flair.

Take the fight to the reformed Aetherblades and prevent war from breaking out in all of Tyria once “End of Dragons” goes live on Feb. 28.