Will “Guilt” get a season 2 order? Fans definitely hope so. Freeform

“Guilt” Season 1 has already ended on Freeform, but it remains unknown whether the show will be renewed for another season or axed.

The first season delivered the answer to its main question, which was, "Who killed Molly Ryan (Rebekah Wainwright)?" It also offered new problems to be solved. The finale ended with Grace (Daisy Head) killing Roz (Simona Brown) after learning that it was her who ordered for Molly to be killed. Grace’s decision after Roz’s death would be a great way to start off the next season. Still, Freeform has yet to confirm whether Grace’s new struggles will be up for everyone to see.

Despite the lack of information, fans have not stopped talking about the series and pushing for it to be renewed for Season 2. A couple of petitions have already been started.

One petition has garnered 26 signatures for its 100 signature goal, while the other one has gotten 169 for its 70,000 goal.

In the second petition, one fan said: “There HAS to be a Season 2. I haven’t binged watch any other show besides ‘Switched at Birth.’ I love this show! You never know what is going to happen next that’s why it’s so addicting!”

There are also still so many fans asking for the show to be renewed via the series’ Facebook page.

One fan detailed her many questions and said she was still hoping the show will be renewed.

“I’m rooting for Season 2 so all my questions get answered. Is Prince Theo going to live? Is Roz dead? Is Grace gonna go to court for murder (or attempted murder) of Roz? Is Roz gonna go to court for basically killing Molly and blackmailing Luc? Whatever happened to the stepdaddy? Is Bruno gonna get with the sister?”

The series also starred Emily Tremaine, Billy Zane and Naomi Ryan, among many others.

Check back for more updates on “Guilt.”