Virginia Tech
A gunman was spotted on Virginia Tech's campus Thursday. Virginia Tech

A person with a gun has been spotted on Virginia Tech's campus, according to ABC Channel 8 in Richmond.

A person with a gun was spotted near Diedrick Hall, one of the school's dining halls, in Virginia Tech and the school has already sent out email and text message alerts to students to stay safe.

The alert asks for students to stay in secure and locked areas until the situation can be sorted out.

Police were alerted to the situation a little after 9 a.m. after three persons attending a camp at the university noticed a white male, approximately 6-feet tall, carrying what appeared to be a handgun. The three juveniles noted that the weapon was covered by some sort of cloth and that the man was walking quickly in the direction of the school's volleyball courts.

Police have been surveying the scene but are yet to find anyone with the description given. According to Virginia Tech News, officers from Virginia Tech Police Department, Blacksburg Police Department, Christiansburg Police Department, and Montgomery County Sheriff's Office are all currently working on the scene.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.