after the hack

Hacking group ‘Electr0n’ have successfully compromised a top level Libyan registry domain, which administers .ly (Libya) domain names, and has replaced it rebellious messages.

The hackers, reportedly, have joined the fight against Libyan leader Colonel Moammar Gadhdafi and have started their attacks by disfiguring the registry domain.

The message, posted by Electr0n on February 17, bids farewell to Colonel Gadhafi. The message says “bye bye Qadaffi,” and relates to the date when the Libyan rebels began their demonstrations against the Gadhafi regime. The protestors were later shot by security forces loyal to Col. Gadhafi, Naked Security reported.

Elsewhere, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday that Colonel Gadhafi's regime in Libya was falling apart and that he should surrender at once. The prime minister added that a vast majority of Tripoli was already under the control of free Libyan forces and that the Gaddafi regime was in full retreat.

The British government, previously in June, faced embarrassment when it revealed that Britain's Libya operation could cost up to £260 million ($429 million) over six months, according to The Guardian.