A new picture of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber from their Calvin Klein campaign has been released online. The singer had gone shirtless for the photo shoot, and the new picture has been released at a time when the model has been dealing with pregnancy rumors online.

Baldwin hugged her husband in the new black and white photo that has been released online by Calvin Klein on Instagram. “Match made,” the post is captioned.

Bieber is shirtless in the picture, revealing his tattoos. He can be seen wearing a pair of jeans, and exposing the Calvin Klein underwear. Baldwin on the other hand wore a denim jacket and jeans, as she looked into her husband’s eyes.

The post comes at a time when there have been rumors about Baldwin being pregnant. The stories started last week when the model was spotted holding her tummy while she was out in Miami, US Weekly reported.

Baldwin has clarified that she is not pregnant. She explained the photo of her holding her stomach by saying that she really loves food. The model said that the “internet is funny” with all the rumors about her and Bieber having a baby.

One of the reasons why the fans are eagerly watching the celebrity couple for signs of pregnancy is that Bieber suggested he wants to have children with Baldwin. He made this clear by talking about babies while wishing his wife a happy birthday on Nov. 22.

Meanwhile, Baldwin has been busy with her work. She recently shared a picture of her gracing the cover of Vogue Hong Kong. It remains to be seen if the model too is eager to have children with Bieber. The singer has said that he is in no rush to have babies, but he is looking forward to having daddy-daughter dates.