In Sunday’s “Christmas in Love,” Daniel Lissing makes his return to Hallmark Channel after leaving the network’s period drama, “When Calls the Heart,” earlier this year. He co-stars in the 2018 Countdown to Christmas movie with Brooke D’Orsay, whose last Hallmark flick was 2017’s “Miss Christmas.”

In this new holiday flick, she plays Ellie Harman, an aspiring crafter who works with her family at a bakery in Missouri. When the CEO of the business announces he’s retiring, his son Nick Carlingson (Lissing) heads undercover at the bakery to learn more about the company before he takes over for his dad.

“Nick walks towards the bakery but not before slipping on ice and hitting his head on Ellie’s car door as she parks,” according to the synopsis. “Changed into more protective clothing (and shoes), Nick is escorted around the factory floor by Ellie who is there to teach him not only how to make a Kringle, but show him it’s the people who make Carlingson Bakery a success, not machines.”

Ellie decides to use her crafting skills to sell wreaths at the town Christmas festival, even though she’s nervous no one will want them. Nick even volunteers to help her out and offers to create a website for her. Ellie ends up selling all of the wreaths on day one and recruits her friends, family and Nick to help her make more for day two.

hallmark christmas love
“Christmas in Love” stars Daniel Lissing and Brooke D'Orsay. Crown Media / Shane Mahood

“At Ellie’s parents’ house, Nick gets to see firsthand how the people of White Deer celebrate family and Christmas,” the synopsis continues. “…Nick is softening, saying there’s something about this town that makes him want to do things for others — and the connection between Ellie and him intensifies. As Nick is becoming more and more welcomed in town — but with his true identity still a secret — a spark begins to form with Ellie.”

Ellie heads over to thank Nick for all of his help, but when she arrives at his empty room, she sees reports on his open laptop about using machines at the bakery. She feels betrayed by what she sees and later sends Nick away when he shows up at her parents’ house. The following day, Nick’s dad arrives and watches his son make a speech about the bakery’s future. This leads him to make a decision about giving his son the CEO position.

“It’s only then that Ellie must decide if she should trust Nick, but more importantly, whether to take a leap of faith in making her own dreams come true,” the synopsis concludes.

“Christmas in Love” debuts on Hallmark Channel on Sunday at 8 p.m. EST.