Continue watching Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Valentine’s Day programming event with tonight’s (Feb. 10) premiere of Danica McKellar and Cameron Mathison’s “Very, Very, Valentine.”

Both actors have been in quite a few Hallmark movies over the last few years, with ones like “Crown for Christmas” and “Campfire Kiss” for McKellar and “The Christmas Ornament” for Mathison, but this is the first time the two will star together.

See them come together as Helen (McKellar) and Henry (Mathison) in “Very, Very, Valentine,” friends since studying botany in college. The film picks up in New York after the two reconnect after years apart, with her working at a flower shop and he at a botanical garden. Their rekindled friendship quickly turns into much more for Henry, but he keeps his feelings to himself because he doesn’t trust that she felt the same.

“Fast-forward to another busy Valentine’s Day season, and Helen is once again up to her ears in floral arrangements, too busy to pay much attention to what Henry has brought to the shop,” the synopsis shares. “It’s an entry form for the International Flower Selection and he’s certain the red, pink and white rose Helen has spent years crossbreeding will win. All she has to do is name the rose and fill out the form, especially since he’s already submitted her flower.”

Henry’s always helping her out and even shows up one morning with an invitation to the Metropolitan Art Gallery’s annual Black and White Gala, an elegant masquerade ball, and has her agree to go.

hallmark very very valentine cast
Danica McKellar and Cameron Mathison star in Hallmark Channel’s new Valentine’s Day movie “Very, Very, Valentine.” Crown Media/Shane Mahood

“Having too much work and nothing to wear, Helen begs off until her aunt and the shop assistant pitch in, and soon she’s at the gala in a dazzling gown,” the synopsis continues. “Spotting a man in Henry’s mask with a crossbred rose on his lapel, she heads over, but it’s not Henry. He’s nowhere to be found, so the masked man ends up charming Helen into exploring the greenhouse and encourages her to bid on a painting.”

In a little bit of reverse-Cinderella, the clock strikes and he goes running, only leaving his boutonniere behind. The flower expert that Helen is, she decides to track him down with just this one item.

“The next day, Helen discovers that Charles Bradfield (Damon Runyan) bought the rose and ironically, it is Henry who finds him,” the synopsis reveals. “Soon, to his dismay, the two are dating. But later, when Charles reveals his plans to turn the botanical gardens into condos, Helen ends the romance.”

She starts to see Henry as more than a friend, and when he gives her a Valentine’s Day gift of the painting from the galas she wanted, she realizes that he might’ve been “the one” the whole time. She decides to tell him how she feels, but he says he’s already accepted a new job in Arizona. Later, she goes to the botanical gardens to deliver a bouquet and finds herself on the receiving end of a romantic surprise.

Find out what that surprise is when “Very, Very, Valentine” debuts on Saturday on Hallmark Channel at 9 p.m. EST.