Hallmark Channel premiered “Royally Ever After,” its newest royal romance, on Saturday, and star Fiona Gubelmann is already eager to work on sequels.

“Oh my God, absolutely,” she told International Business Times about wanting to do another “Royally” movie. “I hope so. We need ‘The Royal Wedding,’ we need ‘Royally After: The Royal Baby.’”

For those who haven’t seen the original film yet, it follows Sara (Gubelmann) as she receives two surprises from her boyfriend, Daniel (Torrance Coombs): One, he wants to marry her and two, he’s a real-life prince. She’s left with not much time to be stunned by this news because he tells her that in order for them to get married, they’ll need his parents’ approval. With that task at hand, Danny whisks Sara off to his European home to meet his parents — the king and queen. Unfortunately, they’re not too open to the idea of their son marrying a commoner, leaving Sara and Danny to try their best to convince them to change their mind.

royally ever after 2
Fiona Gubelmann, who starred in "Royally Ever After" with Torrance Coombs, wants a sequel. Crown Media / Steffan Hill

The movie ends with an official proposal, of course, but, what about the next part? Early in the morning on premiere day, viewers got to witness the real-life royal wedding between Hallmark alum Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Now, Gubelmann is ready to give “Royally Ever After” fans the same thing in a sequel movie, which she’d love to have air as part of the network’s June Weddings programming event in 2019.

Aside from the royal aspect, one of the things Gubelmann loved about this movie, and why she’d like to do more, is that she and Coombs were allowed to make their scenes honest and real.

“What’s so great about [director Lee Friedlander]...was one of the things she let us focus on was just letting us take our time and really make moments real and so we just did what felt natural and what felt right,” she told IBT.

What culminated from this was the great chemistry between the lead “Royally Ever After” characters. Also, because of their freedom to be in the moment and because the actors play a couple from the beginning to the end — unlike most Hallmark flicks where the duo get together toward the finale — this film seemed to have had the most kissing scenes in recent times on the network. There were 10 total, with two of them within the first 15 minutes, whereas most have just a couple, usually near the end of the movie.

“It was only 10? It felt like way more,” Gubelmann joked. “One was the king and queen and nine was us. But, you know, I feel like normally you do a Hallmark movie and you maybe kiss, almost kiss and then kiss once at the end. But, in this one, because we’re already together it was like, ‘Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss.’”

While there’s no news yet about if “Royally Ever After” takes home the crown for Most Kissing Scenes or if the movie will have a sequel, we’ll be sure to update you should either of those happen.