• The Yoroi Armor is a limited-time reward for the upcoming “Fracture: Tenrai” event
  • The “Tenrai” event will begin on Nov. 23 and will run for one week
  • Players will need to play the “Fracture: Tenrai” event to unlock the samurai-themed armor set

The multiplayer mode for “Halo Infinite” is now free to enjoy for all players across PC and Xbox consoles, and it includes all of the franchise’s fan-favorite features from previous titles, including armor customization.

Anyone who’s played the multiplayer beta may have noticed a fancy suit of samurai-inspired Spartan armor from the in-game Armor Hall. Players who want to rock a different look from the usual Master Chief-green or other canon Spartan looks may want to get their hands on this unique-looking suit, but it won’t be available any time soon.

The aptly-named Yoroi Armor set will actually be part of the upcoming “Fracture: Tenrai” event for “Halo Infinite’s” first battle pass season, “Heroes of Reach.” Unlike the other armor pieces that can be obtained from the usual free and paid reward tracks, the Yoroi Armor will be the pinnacle reward for completing the limited-time event’s own set of challenges, according to PC Gamer.

“Halo Infinite” Fracture: Tenrai Event Details

Sadly, not much information is available regarding the game’s first seasonal event. Carrying over from the “Master Chief Collection,” Fracture events usually feature unique cosmetics that aren’t necessarily part of the “Halo” canon, which explains the uniquely Asian aesthetic of the Yoroi Armor despite there being no such armor design in the Spartan program.

Halo Infinite will feature bots for its PvP multiplayer modes Halo Infinite will feature bots for its PvP multiplayer modes Photo: 343 Industries

The Tenrai event itself is scheduled to begin this Nov. 23 and is expected to run for about a week. During this time, players will have to complete a number of challenges and the event’s own unique battlepass in order to obtain some samurai-themed cosmetics.

Like the other events in the “Master Chief Collection,” “Fracture: Tenrai” is expected to host its own featured playlist during its duration. Players can expect to find some fun new game modes during the event to make the grind for the Yoroi Armor a bit more interesting.

Thankfully, the event will be free for all players regardless of whether or not they own the paid track for this season’s battle pass. Everyone can join in on the Tenrai event’s festivities as 343 Industries continues to prepare for “Halo Infinite’s” full release later this December.