• The "Halo Infinite" multiplayer beta is now available on Xbox and PC
  • The beta includes all day-one features like weapons, game modes and cosmetics
  • "Halo Infinite" officially launches on Dec. 8

Following a rumor-filled weekend, Microsoft and 343 Industries have released a beta version of “Halo Infinite’s” multiplayer ahead of the game’s actual launch.

The gaming community on the internet went into a frenzy this weekend after a barrage of leaks and clues pointed to an early “Halo Infinite” multiplayer release. Numerous leakers suggested the game’s early release, and a countdown sponsored by Pringles had led many players to believe that the launch of “Halo Infinite’s” multiplayer on Monday was all but confirmed.

Luckily, the rumors proved to be true.

Fans can now download this much-awaited new entry in the beloved “Halo” franchise through the digital Xbox store and Steam on PC. For now, only the classic multiplayer is available for free to all players, while the paid campaign is set to release sometime later this December.

Halo Infinite features a refined and refreshed version of the classic arena-style multiplayer the series is popular for Halo Infinite features a refined and refreshed version of the classic arena-style multiplayer the series is popular for Photo: 343 Industries

The current version of the “Halo Infinite” multiplayer beta contains all of the features that the series is known for. Fans will get to play in classic arena-based matches in game modes such as Oddball, Capture the Flag and Slayer, while bigger team-based battles offer a refreshing new take on the tried-and-tested “Halo” formula.

“Halo Infinite’s” beta also comes with the first season of the battlepass dubbed “Heroes of Reach.” Players can now earn or purchase unique cosmetics as soon as they finish downloading the game.

PC players can enjoy a bit more customizability in the form of advanced graphics settings. The game features ultrawide and super ultrawide support as well as dynamic scaling and variable framerates. However, some players have noted that “Halo Infinite” is limited to a borderless window mode only and framerates cannot be uncapped.

Head of creative Joseph Staten said that they released the multiplayer component of the game early in order to test out their systems’ ability to handle large volumes of players. Additionally, he mentioned that there may still be a few bugs, but all day-one content like maps, modes and cosmetics are available and will carry over through the game’s actual release date.

“Halo Infinite’s” full campaign and 1.0 multiplayer version launches on Dec. 8.