• "Halo Infinite" has much higher TTK values compared to other games
  • Precision weapons tend to deal the most damage out of all weapon types
  • Certain weapons excel at depleting shields but are weak when used against armor

The expanded arsenal in “Halo Infinite” can be a little daunting, especially for players who are new to the franchise as a whole. Frantic combat and long TTK values may make guns feel weak, but when used properly, every weapon in the game can be used to devastating effect.

With that said, however, some guns are simply better than the rest in certain situations. While any weapon can down an enemy, some options can help players win gunfights more often and more consistently.

Here are the best “Halo Infinite” weapons that players should keep an eye out for when playing multiplayer matches.

BR75 Battle Rifle

The classic “Halo 2” Battle Rifle is back, and it’s as good as players remember. This burst-firing rifle is great from mid-long ranges thanks to its controlled rate of fire and decent damage.

Three bursts are enough to break an enemy’s shield, leaving them vulnerable to a single Sidekick headshot or a follow-up burst to the head.

Halo Infinite's multiplayer will bring back classic modes like CTF Halo Infinite's multiplayer will bring back classic modes like CTF Photo: 343 Industries

Shock Rifle

This slow-firing precision weapon may not be as forgiving as the S7 Sniper Rifle, but it can absolutely destroy groups of enemies.

Unlike its kinetic counterpart, the Shock Rifle can chain bolts of electricity to targets near each shot’s point of impact, dealing a percentage of damage to every nearby enemy. A single headshot from the Shock Rifle can instantly down a Spartan, but it will take three hits to the body to achieve the same result.


The Disruptor is a neat alternative to the classic Plasma Pistol. Both weapons are designed to strip shields, but instead of the Plasma Pistol’s one-shot burst, the Disruptor is a spam-fire weapon that applies a bleed-like effect to everything it hits. It’s not the most powerful choice, but it’s definitely handy in a pinch.


One of the hardest-hitting weapons in the game, the Mangler can kill Spartans with two shots to the body and one shot to the head. Players who are confident with their aim can take this hand cannon and shred opponents as long as they can compensate for the weapon’s projectile speed and falloff range.

VK78 Commando

Despite looking like the DMR from “Halo Reach,” the Commando is an automatic weapon that plays more like a heavy assault rifle. Seven shots are enough to strip a Spartan’s shield, leaving them vulnerable to a single shot to the head.

However, this weapon is a little hard to use because of its relatively slow rate of fire, low ammo count and atrocious accuracy bloom when spam-fired.