Believing that Saturday could be the end of the world, people across the globe are under a lot of pressure to figure out how to spend their last breathing moments.

If all goes as planned, Family Radio Worldwide evangelist Harold Camping predicts that just 2% of us will make it to heaven. That leaves the majority of us scrambling to figure out how to spend our last day.

Harold recommends staying busy. The Bible says the end-times will come to those who are occupied, so I will just continue working and doing the job.

The 89-year-old former civil engineer-cum-biblical scholar says he reached his conclusion that the world would end on May 21, 2011 after 70 years of intense study. Because I was an engineer, I was very interested in the numbers. I wonder, 'Why did God put this number in or that number in?'

Many followers of the Oakland-based Family Radio Worldwide have quit their jobs and sold their homes to travel around the United States spreading the word. One follower gushed to the Associated Press, We're commanded by God to warn people. It's so much better to know when the end comes.

So what will you do on judgment day? Many skeptics are throwing Doomsday Parties, asking participants to bring canned goods - just in case.

There doesn't appear to be any noticeable effect on flight cancellations across the globe, nor have any businesses announced shutting their doors.

So what are the threatened citizens of the world doing tomorrow? According to responders on Yahoo! Answers, everyday people are going to sleep, have some BBQ, and laugh all day.

It all sounds curiously like just another Saturday.